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The satisfaction survey for guests launched by Dunkin Donuts at the official website www.telldunkin.com is a survey where one can win loads of free coupons that ultimately lead to great discounts on next purchases.

TellDunkin – Dunkin Donuts Guest Experience Survey

Dunkin Donuts Survey

From several alternatives available to seek customer feedback, the survey is one of the most reliable and impactful tools for most companies today to seek and understand customer opinions.

1] Give and take policy!

The survey concept is simple, you must give out honest views, feedback, opinions and answer a few questions Dunkin Donuts would like to know from its guests or customers.

In return, Dunkin Donuts rewards the person who provides feedback and his/her valuable time by coupon codes that subsidize a future purchase at the store.

2] Eligibility!

In case, you are fond of Dunkin Donuts and want to subsidize your purchase the next time, you need to read the next piece very carefully. As discussed before, a guest satisfaction survey launched by Dunkin Donuts once completed can make you eligible for coupon codes that offer great discounts.

There are certain criterions, terms, and conditions as usual for every contest that offer rewards. By understanding the eligibility criterions, one would be one step closer to earning the coupon codes.

  • A minimum of age of 18 years is a must to participate in the contest.
  • A gadget like a laptop or a smartphone that has access or connectivity to the internet would be essential. A setup of a computer or a laptop would be excellent as it would ensure better viewing and hence, you would not skip any question that you might in your smartphone due to limited viewing and scrolling.
  • Receipt or bill from Dunkin Donuts with a survey code on it. The key here is that the visit must be recent as the survey invitation code on each receipt expires in just 3 days. Dunkin Donuts is to seek immediate feedback as the company thinks the opinions might be manipulative and bland when there is a considerable time gap between the purchase and the survey date.
  • The survey questions have been framed in the English language and hence, understanding for the language ‘English’ becomes a mandate for people willing to participate in the survey.
  • Lastly, one should have a good amount of light about the Dunkin Donuts store, its operations, its advertisements, etc., to be able to make justice by answering honestly and appropriately for the questions in the survey.

3] How to complete the survey and get the coupon code?

Once, you have understood your eligibility, it is time to go and get the Dunkin Donuts coupon code. There are some instructions one could follow to avoid any discrepancies, these are listed below and need to read carefully-

  • Log on to the official website which is telldunkin.com for the guest satisfaction survey.
  • Since, there is only one language on display, select language as English and continue.

TellDunkin Survey

  • To begin with, you need an 18-digit code for a survey that could be found on the receipt or bill from your recent Dunkin Donuts purchase.
  • If you are not able to find an 18-digit code on your receipt, no need to panic there is an alternative. There is a link beside the space to enter the 18-digit code which reads ‘My receipt does not have a survey code’. Just follow the link and you will find a text box that will require a few input details to continue.
  • 6-digit code of the store or PC number and the specific date with timing when you visited the store need to be entered. All these details can be found on the receipt itself.

Dunkin Donuts Survey Codes

  • Click the ‘Start’ button after entering the 18-digit code for the survey or the ‘Next’ button after entering the 6-digit code and other details on the text box after following the ‘My receipt does not have a survey code’ link.
  • A page with a list of questions seeking honest opinions about food quality, service offerings, customer support, etc., are available.
  • Once, you have answered all the questions in the most elaborate and honest manner, you can click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Your coupon code is now available that can help you redeem a considerable discount on your next purchase at Dunkin Donuts.

4] Dunkin Donuts Survey Useful links:

Official survey page: www.telldunkin.com
Dunkin Donuts website: www.dunkindonuts.com
No receipt survey: www.telldunkin.com/Index.aspx?NR=1

So, discounted and yummy donuts at Dunkin Donuts are now just a survey away from you!

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