Kmart Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes (Kmart Feedback)

Supermarts are blessings for people who just don’t have enough time, i.e. all of us. We are perpetually running out of time to complete our daily chores. It is obvious that we keep missing out on things and offers. Having a supermart near you can make life really easy.

Kmart Customer Feedback Survey

Kmart Customer Feedback Survey

You can get anything from groceries to the pharmacy to household items there. What’s more, you get discounts and great unmatched offers that make the deal sweeter. Kmart is one of the most popular departmental chain stores that has its presence not just pan America but also in other countries.

You can find some of the best brands and quality products in their stores at amazingly jaw-dropping prices. However, increasing your customer base is what every company wishes for, Kmart is no exception to the rule.

This is the reason they conduct the Kmart Survey which offers their loyal customers a chance to win a gift card.

1] Why choose Kmart to shop for Groceries and Other Items?

One of the oldest and well known departmental chain in not just America but also elsewhere, Kmart is hugely popular due to the fact that you can get anything and everything under their roof – from furniture to groceries to toys!

Affordable prices is another reason which draws customers to this American big box departmental store chain. Apart from reasonable prices and thrilling deals, a number of financial services including year-round leasing option and their amazing patient care services for members and customers make them insanely popular.

2] Why Should You Participate in The Kmart Survey?

Despite their strong position in the market, companies regularly conduct a survey to better their performance and increase their customer base. The latter can take place when they are aware of their advantages as well as disadvantages.

This can only happen when regular customers offer their genuine feedback related to their experiences. Since Kmart is already immensely popular among people due to the high quality of products at affordable rates, it wouldn’t hurt either them or you to participate in the survey.

Answering just a few simple questions based on your experience at the store, they get a chance to improve their services for better customer satisfaction whereas you get a chance to win a gift card!

3] How to Win a Surprise Free Gift by Participating in the Kmart Survey?

Getting a free surprise gift is an offer that is difficult to pass. Taking the Kmart Survey ensures that participating customers get a surprise gift by simply participating in the survey. The few requirements to participate in this survey include:

  • You need to be 18 years or older to take part in the Kmart Survey.
  • A computer, tablet or a smartphone with a good internet connection to access the website (
  • You must be able to read and write in English language.
  • Your recent receipt or invitation card of the Kmart.
  • Basic information such as name, birth-date, address, city etc. and other details available on the receipt.
  • You must be able to recall your experience of your last visit.

Other details and instructions about the survey and related information are available here:

  • Log on to the survey website:
  • It is to be noted that fields labeled with star sign are mandatory.
  • Select the language in which you would like to take the customer satisfaction survey.

Kmart - Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the 19 digit receipt number found on the Kmart receipt.

Kmart Feedback Survey

  • Take the survey on your own and do not attempt on someone else’s behalf.
  • Answer questions as per your experience so as to provide an unbiased feedback.
  • After answering the survey questions, enter the required information correctly for the lucky.

4] Useful Links:

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One of the biggest departmental chains in America wishes to know what their customers’ think of them and would also wish to improve upon their services. Through the Kmart Survey, customers can send their suggestions to inform the company about their drawbacks as well as their plus points.

While helping to improve on the company’s performance it is a win-win situation for the participants too as they get a chance to win a surprise gift card by simply participating in the Kmart Survey!

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