TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey (Pizza Hut Survey)

Pizza Hut has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to pizzas and other side dishes. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that they believe in customer satisfaction. This can be observed in the quality of the food, their delivery, and service.

TellPizzaHut – Pizza Hut Survey

TellPizzaHut – Pizza Hut Survey

Constantly innovating to keep themselves ahead of their competitors, Pizza Hut regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys through their webpage, Through this site, customers can give their feedback, suggestions, and complaints (if any) and at the same time win many offers, discounts, and prizes!

This offers a wonderful opportunity for regular customers to indulge in some more pizza by taking the survey and winning rewards for their loyalty towards the brand.

Surveys are generally conducted by most companies to access their specialties and drawbacks. Customer surveys often let the company know what they most love about the brand as well as also make them aware of any drawback or dissatisfaction which if not attended to might lead them to lose customers.

Generally, these surveys are conducted online and offer customers discounts and rewards in return for their valuable time. Most customers won’t be aware of the what, why and how of the surveys conducted by Pizza Hut.

They may have lost their chance earlier to win goodies and treats, but this article offers them another chance at winning amazing offers from Pizza Hut! Here’s a list of everything you would want to know before taking the TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey.

1] Requirements to take the Pizza Hut Survey

To take the survey conducted by, these are the criteria to look before you can participate in it. It is essential that you read the points carefully as if you do not meet the eligibility conditions, you might not be able to win any prizes for investing your precious time.

  1. The age of the participant taking the survey must be over 21 years.
  2. The survey is conducted in two languages – English and Spanish. To take the survey, it is essential that you have a working knowledge of either of those two languages.
  3. Some sort of awareness about Pizza Hut.
  4. Latest purchase receipt from a Pizza Hut purchase made by you.
  5. Proper internet connection using any device such as a laptop, mobile or tablet.

2] How to take the TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Once you have carefully gone through the checklist of requirements to fulfill before taking the survey, here is a list of steps to complete your survey for Pizza Hut.

  • The primary step is to either login on site to undertake the survey, or, alternatively you could log in to the Pizza Hut official page. – Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Select the language (from English and Spanish) you are most comfortable in.
  • Your purchase receipt should be handy as you are required to enter the survey code (mentioned at the bottom of the bill) or the Pizza Hut store number (found at the top of the bill).
  • Enter the asked code and proceed further to the page where the actual survey begins.

TellPizzaHut Survey Guide

  • Answer each question on the survey honestly.
  • You are required to provide your name, mail id and your mobile number post taking the survey. This completes the survey at the end of the customer.
  • Now the company selects the winners through a lucky draw.
  • Each customer has the chance to win $500 cash by participating in the lucky draw.
  • You can take part as many as 10 times per week to win a cash prize as well as coupons and discounts.

3] Useful Links for TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey

The survey and allotment of prizes, discounts, and coupons are the prerogatives of the parent company.

In case there is any dissatisfaction related to the survey or its results, the terms and conditions or any other queries regarding some other issue, here is a list of links that will come in handy.

  • Official Pizza Hut webpage:
  • Official Pizza Hut survey website:
  • List of previous TellPizzaHut Customer Satisfaction Survey winners: click here

Since the eligibility criteria are clear, undertake the survey to win prizes and discounts to enjoy pizza.

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