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Chicken sandwiches and burgers are a specialty of Chick-fil-A. Anyone who has ever eaten there will vouch for their sandwiches. They are yummy and delicious and make you want to eat more. Apart from being tasty, they are full of good and nutritious ingredients.

Mycfavisit : Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey

Survey Chick fil A Customer Experience -

Regular customers would love to have an opportunity to tell how much their favorite brand means to them. If that leads to some discount or free goodies, then it is similar to killing two birds with a stone. Generally, most companies take a regular survey to access their opinion amongst customers.

This gives them genuine feedback which can be utilized for improvement in the quality of service they provide. However, since taking feedback at stores might be a bit difficult due to various reasons, online surveys are done.

Mycfavisit also indulges in online surveys to get the feedback of their customers. They conducted an online survey at the webpage Here the customers can log in to share their experience, good or bad, with the company. These surveys play an important role in shaping the future of the company.

The surveys make them aware of what has been working for the customers as well as what more the company can do to iron out the problems. The customer’s feedback through online surveys highlights the quality of product and service apart from any complaints they have.

Regular customers of Chick-fil-A can log on to their customer survey site and share their personal experience of a store visit. This helps provide their valuable input for the betterment of their favorite brand. What’s more is that they get to win free goodies for doing this!

What you require before undertaking the Mycfavisit survey?

There are certain requirements that must be met before you can undertake the survey on It is extremely important that you are able to meet all the mentioned requirements else you will be missing out on free coupon or goodies.

Here’s a list of things you would like to know before taking the survey:

  1. To participate in the survey, you need to be 18 years of age.
  2. You are required to possess a purchase receipt for a latest Mycfavisit store visit.
  3. An electronic device such as a mobile or a laptop with a proper internet connection should be handy.
  4. A valid email address.
  5. Fundamental understanding of either Spanish or English as the survey is conducted in these two languages.
  6. A pen or pencil to write your coupon number on the receipt.

How to carry out the Mycfa visit survey?

Before logging on to to complete the survey, please ensure that you have carefully gone through the checklist of requirements.

In case, you miss out on any point, you will be losing out on coupons, discounts and free goods from Mycfa visit. After confirming all the criteria, here’s what you need to do to win your coupon:

  • Using your device, connect to the official page of Mycfavisit ( to undertake the survey.

Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey

  • The first thing you are required to do after logging in on the website is enter the survey number which is mentioned on the Mycfa visit receipt.
  • After entering the survey number in the mentioned space, click on start.
  • Choose the language you are most comfortable to take the survey in. There are two options available – English and Spanish.
  • This leads you to the page where the survey actually is being conducted. This page contains the questionnaire which the customers need to answer.
  • To complete the survey you need to answer questions truthfully.
  • After answering all the questions on the list, click on ‘submit’. This completes the survey.
  • Completion of the survey will result in you getting a coupon that needs to be mentioned on your receipt.
  • Showing the receipt with the coupon number mentioned on it will get you a discount on your next Mycfa visit store visit.

Mycfavisit Contact Information

In case of any doubts or queries regarding the survey or discount/ coupons, you can contact Mycfa visit. Here are a few links that might be useful for the same.

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