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Sandwiches and Subway have been synonymous for a really long time. They have been instrumental in bringing healthy and tasty sandwiches, salads and cookies all over the world. Their logo says it all, “Eat Fresh”. They sincerely believe in providing fresh and healthy food that is full of nutrition.

TellSubway – Feedback In 1 Minute (Subway Survey)

Free Cookie For a 1 Minute Survey @ Subway

Providing quality food and service, Subway has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of healthy food people eat. Knowing your customer is a motto followed by most consumer companies and Subway is no different.

It regularly indulges its customers to undertake surveys to generate a feedback regarding their experience of Subway. Their official webpage for the survey is Undertaking the survey can win the customers lots of coupons and wonderful surprises.

Despite the popularity of most companies, they would like to better themselves and gain more customers. This can be done if they know what their customers think about them, whether they are happy with the service provided or have any issues regarding them.

All of this can be easily accomplished using a customer survey where you can be made aware of the customer’s feedback, your drawbacks as well as your positive points. This survey can then be used for the betterment of the companies’ responses and image.

Like most consumer-oriented companies, Subway too takes customer surveys not through their numerous outlets all over the world but through the web link

Customers can log on to this website and take part in the survey. Genuine feedback can get them to win free cookies and discount coupons.

However, before taking the Tellsubway Survey, here are a few things that you would need to look into.

1] Requirements to take the Tellsubway Survey regularly conducts surveys to generate customer feedback. This is used further to improve the quality of service and/or products.

Customers who provide their valuable time by taking the survey to help improve things at Subway are rewarded with delicious free cookies and coupons from Subway.

However, before you log in to participate and win these goodies, there are certain things that you should check. To undertake the survey and win prizes, the customer should:

  1. Be 18 years of age.
  2. Possess an electronic device (mobile, laptop, and tablet) with a proper internet connection.
  3. Be fluent in either English or Spanish as the survey is conducted in either of these two languages.
  4. Have a valid email address.
  5. Be in possession of a store visit receipt displaying the survey code. The survey code is valid for only a month. One receipt can be used for one survey only.

2] Steps to undertake the Tellsubway Survey

It is necessary to remember that all the points mentioned above are carefully read as if you are unable to fulfill even a single eligibility condition, you might forfeit your right to win any prizes.

After having carefully read the checklist of requirements to take the Tellsubway survey, the steps to undertake and finish your survey are mentioned below. Follow them to win your free cookies and coupons.

  • To undertake the Tellsubway survey and win discount coupons, you need to log on to the official survey page,
  • The next thing to do is select the language you would prefer to take the survey in. (English or Spanish).
  • The survey code mentioned in the latest Subway receipt is required to be entered in the specified place.

Tell Subway Feedback In 1 Minute Survey

  • After entering the survey code, the customer lands on the survey page which displays a list of questions.
  • The customer is expected to answer all questions in the survey honestly to win a chance to get free cookies and coupons.
  • After successful completion of the survey, you are required to enter your email address.
  • A discount coupon is sent to the email address you mentioned on your receipt.
  • The next time you visit the Subway store, mention the Tellsubway customer survey discount coupon number and you can avail discount on your next purchase and get free cookies too!

3] Useful Links

In a few easy steps, you can win discount coupons and free cookies. Frequent Subway users, undertake the Tellsubway survey today and get surprised!

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  1. I was insulted by a snot nose high school kid when I asked him to use a clean knife on the sandwich I was purchasing for an elderly lady with allergies.


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