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Is getting a free sonic route 44 drink rewarding for customers if they spend a few minutes to record their feedback about dining at Sonic? That’s a big gleam on the face of the customers who regularly pick up food from America’s drive-in fast food restaurant.

Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

Participate in TalktoSonic Survey for Customers

This article gives you the complete insight into the process of sharing your customer experience with Sonic and how you can get rewarded for the same.

1] About SONIC

Sonic, also stylized as SONIC, is one of the leading fast food restaurant chains in the United States of America. There are now 3557 restaurants now all around the country and SONIC is definitely the choice of the traveling crowd to pick up their food.

Since their operations from the early 1950s, Sonic’s drive-in restaurants are a customer’s delight and are well known for their fast service to getting food prepared and delivered. Their menu is mostly about hamburgers, French fries, corn dogs, milkshakes and soft drinks.

Get A Free Route 44 Drink Survey

2] How does work for customer feedback?

Sonic’s official feedback website is hosted at This website is the primary channel for customers of Sonic to share their experience of dining at Sonic.

They do the same by filling in a questionnaire at the webpage. The greatest advantage that the diners enjoy by sharing their experience is that they get rewarded with free drinks. Here’s a glimpse of what Sonic’s customer survey covers.

  • Quality of the food being served.
  • Services mode and pace of delivery.
  • Courtesy of the staff who interact with the customers.
  • Pricing of the food items and the menu’s exhaustiveness.

So by giving their honest feedback to the list of questions posed at them, every Sonic customer enjoys a free Route 44 drink. So as regular customers, you can bookmark the site and give in your comments.

3] Pre-requisites or conditions to take the customer survey

Read through the below list of pre-requisites that every Sonic customer needs to meet and adhere to for attempting and completing the customer survey.

  • All participants to the Sonic customer survey needs to be 18 years old and more.
  • The survey can be attempted in either English and Spanish languages.
  • Possessing the last visit receipt to the Sonic drive-in fast food restaurant is mandatory in order to attempt the survey.
  • These last visit receipts have a validity of 14 days tagged to them. Hence it is important that the customer visits the website within 14 days of their dine-in experience.
  • Every receipt can be used to fill in only ONE customer feedback survey.
  • All coupons or rewards that are gained by sharing the dine-in experience can be redeemed only for Free Drinks at Sonic.
  • The earned coupons and rewards have a validity of 60 days for redemption; remember to visit Sonic in the next 60 days once you have filled in the survey.
  • In order to access the website,, possession of or access to a smart device like mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops is imperative.

4] Steps to take the survey

Here’s a step by step guide to take the survey and get your free route 44 drink at

  • Visit the website of TalkToSonic at
  • On the page, you can choose to change your language to Spanish if you need to.
  • Enter the ID number that is located at the bottom of the receipt of your last visit.

Sonic Survey - TalktoSonic

  • Click the Start button to enter into the survey page.
  • The survey page has the list of questions related to the price of food items, staff, and the restaurant’s services.
  • Every question has a guidance instruction in order to answer them – follow the same and record your responses.
  • Once finished, TalkToSonic shares a unique code that can be written down and redeemed for a free drink at the Sonic Drive-in Fast food restaurant. The redemption needs to be done within 60 days on completion of this survey.

So gear up for sharing every dine-in experience with America’s well-renowned fast food chain and get rewarded for the same.

Visit Sonic Drive-in’s website at to know more about the locations they cater to and the deals that they offer. Happy Dining!

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