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Whataburger is a regional, privately held fast-food restaurant chain from Texas in America. Operating in America since 1950. Currently, it has more than 800 stores across South-eastern and South-western US regions. With a motto “Just like you like it”, the company is devoted to improving the quality of their hamburgers.

Whataburger Customer Feedback Survey

Whataburger Customer Survey

Having a breakfast range that includes the incredibly lip-smacking Whataburger and Whataburger Jr. for kids, Whatachick’n and Whatacatch range which are burgers and sandwiches filled with delicious chicken and fish patties. Whataburger stores are well known for their excellent and fast service apart from their delicious breakfast dishes.

With many loyal customers for their yummy burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes, Whataburger wishes to expand its customer base from Southern America. Conducting survey is one way to access their position among their customers. The official webpage for Whataburger survey is www.whataburgersurvey.com.

Genuine feedback from customers helps in improvement in the quality of service as well as the product. This is the reason most food conglomerates often indulge in surveys. Regular customers are the best people to find out about what works in favor of and against any franchise.

You can get a review of the quality of food, the service as well as the behavior of employees. However, since most people are too busy to participate in a survey, often incentives are doled out in the form of freebies. Participating in an online survey by customers is rewarded by offering them free coupons, meals or discounts.

Whataburger also regularly takes surveys to access its popularity amongst its clients. Instead of asking for a feedback form at their numerous outlets, it asks its customers to participate in the online survey conducted at the official Whataburger survey site: www.whataburgersurvey.com.

1] Requirements to take the Whataburger Survey

Customer feedback survey is one way Whataburger indulges in finding out the customer response to its products. They regularly conduct online surveys through their official webpage www.whataburgersurvey.com.

After completion of the survey, customers can win free burgers or get discount coupons. However, before participating in the Whataburger survey, there are certain points to remember. The customers need to ensure that they check the requirement list before logging on to the official survey site.

  • The customer should be 18 years or more to take the survey.
  • The customer should have in their possession the last Whataburger store purchase receipt which clearly displays the receipt number, date and time of visit apart from the Whataburger survey code.
  • It is important to remember that the receipt is valid for 3 days only, so the customer should take the survey within 3 days of their Whataburger store visit.
  • Only one customer can participate in the survey per receipt.
  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish is essential as the survey is conducted in either of these two languages.
  • An electronic device like mobile, laptop or tablet with internet connection.

2] Step by step Guide to Complete Whataburger Survey

It is important that the clients fulfill all the criteria mentioned above or they can be ineligible for winning the free coupon from Whataburger. Only a few steps can help complete the Whataburger survey.

The survey includes some basic questions related to Whataburger. Honest and authentic replies can lead you to win free Whataburger coupons. Here are the steps are taken to complete the Whataburger survey:

Take Part In Whataburger Customer Survey

  • Select the language (English or Spanish) in which you would like to take the survey.
  • Enter the survey code mentioned at the bottom of the purchase receipt. In case you don’t find the survey code, enter the store number.
  • Click on the start button to reach the landing page to start the survey.
  • Answer the questions on the survey page honestly and give ratings for the same.
  • After completion of the survey, the customer gets a code which they can write on their receipt.
  • On your next Whataburger store visit, showing the receipt with the code will get you a free Whataburger with the purchase of a medium fry and drink.

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  1. I Get my Burgers at What a Burger every time I go out for my burgers .they have the best in the City, Good old fashion Hamburger.


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