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If pizza is your comfort food, then there is not a chance that you haven’t had Papa Murphy’s Pizza. One of the fifth largest pizza chains in the United States, they have around 1300 outlets in the U.S. and Canada.

Since its humble beginnings in 1995, it has come a long way providing fresh and tasty pizza to various customers across different states. Most companies indulge in customer satisfaction surveys to find out what works best for them as well as to get an insight into what’s going wrong.

Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey –

Papa Murphy's Survey

Constantly upgrading their services, Papa Murphy too has come up with the PAPA MURPHY’S SURVEY where clients can participate in the survey to inform the company what they find best about Papa Murphy’s.

1] PAPA MURPHY’S – for the Best Pizza

Despite many franchises operating around the world, Papa Murphy’s have carved a niche for themselves in the world of fast food joints, thanks to their unique concept of ‘Take N’ Bake Pizza’. Choosing the freshest of ingredients, they provide the customers the choice of selecting the way they want their pizza to be.

Providing a feeling which is similar to a home cooked meal, they provide freshly made pizza which can be baked in your oven providing you with a unique feeling of homemade food. This uniqueness has been their strength and the reason behind a large number of satisfied customers.

2] Why should You Indulge in PAPA MURPHY’S Survey?

A genuine pizza lover can never say no to the smell and taste of a freshly baked pizza! Offering some of the best ingredients, tasty sauce and a variety of crusts to choose from, Papa Murphy’s has slowly and steadily found a place in pizza lover’s heart.

It has emerged as one of the most preferred pizza outlets in the U.S. in a span of 25 years, which speaks volumes of its quality and services. Being in the service industry, you can lose customers if you become complacent. Hence most companies regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

The PAPA MURPHY’S Survey offers a chance to customers to make their voice heard, offer suggestions and feedback. In lieu of their time and effort, they get a chance to win a free coupon code for a free meal.

3] Win a Surprise Gift by Participating in the PAPA MURPHY’S Survey?

Participating in customer satisfaction surveys can be fun! On taking the Papa Murphy’s Survey customers to get a chance to win a free PAPA MURPHY’S coupon which gets them a free meal or free pizza on their next visit. A free pizza just for a few minutes of your day seems like a sell deal! Few requirements to participate in this survey include:

  • You must be 18 years or above to take part in the survey.
  • A computer, or a smartphone with a good internet connection to access the website (

Papa Murphy's Customer Survey

  • Your last visiting receipt of any Papa Murphy’s restaurant at the time of the survey.
  • Last visited store number or zip code of the store location to know the restaurant.
  • You must have a good working knowledge of English to answer the survey questions.
  • On successful completion of the survey you get a validation code which can be redeemed at the Papa Murphy’s outlet to get free food.

Papa Survey @

Other details and instructions about the survey and related information are available here:

  1. Visit the survey website:
  2. Enter the zip code of the area or the store number mentioned on the receipt to get the location of the restaurant.
  3. Provide your feedback with respect to your experience of visiting the Papa Murphy’s restaurant.
  4. On completing the survey, you will get a code.
  5. It must be noted that you need to complete the survey in the stipulated time to win the coupon code.
  6. Carefully note down the validation code displayed on the screen, on your purchase receipt.
  7. You can use this coupon code to avail free food on your next visit to a Papa Murphy’s Restaurant.

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The PAPA MURPHY’S Survey provides a chance for customers to express their genuine feedback regarding their experience at the Papa Murphy’s Restaurant. Participate in the survey and get a chance to win a free meal.

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